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About BRN Flooring

Welcome to BRN Flooring. Our quality services include installation of hardwood, laminate, LVP/LVT, and ceramic tile. We also sand and refinish hardwood.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the flooring business.

Our goal is to determine the specific challenges for your project and prescribe what the ideal solution will be. Our company policy is to treat all our customers with integrity and top-notch customer service. Have assurance that our professional team will always keep your best interest in mind!

There are times when floors are not maintained correctly. For example, using wrong cleaning chemicals can be detrimental to your floors. This can cause loss of shine, fading, or smearing of the floors. This will also void your floors warranty.  

Our services include giving you information on how to maintain and care for your flooring. This will help you ensure you floors last for many years to come. Must manufacture warranties are usually 20-25 years.

We perform both residential and commercial expert flooring services.

In any case, you can always call us for any of your flooring needs!


DMV Flooring Installation Services

Hard wood, Laminate, Tile or Carpet has its benefits and drawbacks . When it is newly, with a rich, deep color and sleek, looks awesome. But, when it is exposed to the sun, foot traffic and bad weather, it split, fade and crack over time.

Each surface, as it is typically referred as , can experience early deterioration if it is not kept effectively

Flooring, as as it is sometimes called , can experience fast signs of stress if it is not maintained the right way.

Welcome to BRN Flooring. Our expert services include partial resurfacing and full surface replacements. Or, sometimes, sealcoating if need be.

Our goal is to determine your specific challenges for your project and prescribe what the ideal solution will be. We will not charge more than a competitive fee or attempt to offer expensive unnecessary services just to make more profit. We always will be trustworthy and be sure we deliver you with decent and appropriate pricing for ONLY the work you actually need done. Have assurance that our professional team will always keep your best interest in mind!

We deliver both residential and commercial flooring expert services and work to educate our customers on how to effectively maintain your installation as long as possible. With an a yearly maintenance solution, you can have assurance that your flooring will last at least 14 years.

In any case, you can always look to us for any of your flooring projects, whether it be tile work, hardwood installation, carpeting, or more!

We also service the following cities: Westlake Village, Lancaster, Dorchester, Hampshire, Oakwood, Ashford, Deerwood, Fox Run, Berry, Huntington

Maryland Flooring

Residential and Commercial
Flooring Installation Services


Our talented team has all together over 35yrs. of combined work and service in the flooring industry.


We work diligently to make sure that every service we complete is of the highest quality and craftsmanship.


Our promise is to always put our customers first and exceed their expectations. 

Residential and Commercial flooring installation services

Flooring Improves property value

Is your favorite living area in good condition?  Is it starting to look old, worn, faded possibly devaluing the general value of your personal home?

The number one thing people see when they come to your home is your flooring. It will leave an everlasting first impression. And, likely, not the kind you were hoping for.

Your home is your special place to be. You share it with friends and family.  It is a largest investment you will ever make and making sure it stays in great shape will ensure it maintains high resale value as well as the envy of all your neighbors. A beautiful and refreshed, high quality flooring just might be in order!

Is the carpet on your stairs pass the point of cleaning? Replace it with solid oak hardwood stairs or Cap-A-Tread that will complement your LVP flooring.

Hire a highly skilled flooring company like BRN Flooring who will improve the look of your home or business with new flooring!


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Flooring Materials & Services

Laminate & Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood is one piece of wood throughout. Generally, ¾ inch thick. It is nailed to the subfloor using a flooring staple gun. This flooring can be ONLY be installed at main level or above grade.

Engineered hardwood, on the other hand, is made of two layers of wood fused together. These are a very strong wood composite core (sometimes plywood and sometimes oriented strand board), and a thin layer—or “veneer” of solid hardwood on top. This floor can be installed by nailing, gluing or floating. Since this floor can be glued or floated it can be installed on any level of the home including basements.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Offers a realistic wood look in flat or textured planks. It is effortless to clean and maintain. Comes in many colors, widths, and grains so you can customize your style. It is WATER PROOF so it stands up to splashing of water making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank Flooring

Comes in realistic stone or tile styles that are warm to the feet. Both of these floors are installed with no underlayment and are floating floors. They use the walls of the home to keep them in place and have quarter round molding around your home’s baseboards.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles can be skinny, square, or rectangular in shape coverings. Manufactured from hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or even glass. They are generally placed to cover floors and walls. Ceramic tiles are normally used in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

When these floors are installed on wood subfloors a hardy backer or dura rock must be used as an underlayment. When installed in basements they can be installed directly to the concrete subfloor. Once installed grout is applied to seal and filled the spaces between the tiles.

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Flooring Repairs

Once your hardwood floors start to fade or lose there shine due to ware and tare. We can perform a sand and refinish job to bring your hardwood floors back to life. Once the floors are sanded you can go natural or stain to a color of your choice. We use oil and water base polyurethane to protect your floors.

Count on Your DMV & Surrounding areas Professionals

Our flooring specialists are skilled experts, always working to deliver a high quality, long lasting solution at a competitive price.

Why Choose Us

Always choose those that are execellent at what they do. At BRN Flooring we will always have your best interest in mind!


We will come to your house, with no fees charged, and  inspect your property to determine what design and product is needed for you.


Our top-notched design team will install your new driveway or parking lot to your satisfaction and leave your property in the same condition it was found in.


We deliver a detailed process that we know will assure a quality installation that will hold up for years to come.


Never have bad thoughts about the quality of your project, our staff will provide guaranteed maintenance and professional service, so you’ll always have peace of mind 

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Why BRN Flooring?

We are a family-owned flooring organization here to provide top-notched customer service and excellent communication.  We are dedicated to exceed your expectations while giving you 100% satisfied with the your flooring project.

Our flooring company’s moto is to always function with integrity and outstanding customer service.  We want to help you make an educated decision and are at peace that working with us for all your flooring projects.

You can email us or write us a message via our Contact page and we will contact you to schedule a no-obligation estimate. 

We at BRN Flooring are very proud of our flooring staff and projects we have completed over the last 20 years.

Our focus is to do PROFESSIONAL work!

Just a few examples of our work...

Termite Repair


Kitchen Floor Replacement


Hardwood Floor Sanding & Resurfacing


Count on Your DMV Flooring Installation Professionals

Our flooring specialists are highly skilled professionals, always working to give a high quality, long lasting solution at great price.

Our Service Area

We are pleased to service DMV as well as all the nearby

areas within a 40 mile radius.   Our talented crew will come onsite to you without hesitation and create a detailed estimate

Call us today to get a no cost evaluation for your residence or office.  

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